Top Green Week Maryland Products, Brands, and Categories

After a great Green Week in Maryland, we’re going over the most popular products, brands, and categories patients and customers shopped for with us! Here’s a breakdown of the top performers across various segments:

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Navigating Maryland’s dynamic cannabis landscape unveils a myriad of products contributing to the state’s thriving industry. This overview highlights the top five cannabis products that have captured the attention of consumers, earning praise for their quality and innovation.

Brand: Khalifa Kush
Orders: 128
Units Sold: 128

Description: Khalifa Kush, a Hybrid masterpiece, captivates with its unique blend and balanced effects, making it a sought-after choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

Brand: Fade Co.
Orders: 90
Units Sold: 90

Description: Super Boof from Fade Co. presents a hybrid experience that combines potency with a nuanced flavor profile, appealing to those seeking a well-rounded cannabis encounter.

Brand: Fade Co.
Orders: 59
Units Sold: 59

Description: Super Boof from Fade Co. presents a hybrid experience that combines potency with a nuanced flavor profile, appealing to those seeking a well-rounded cannabis encounter.

Brand: Rythm
Orders: 79
Units Sold: 79

Description: Animal Face by Rythm stands out with its indica-dominant characteristics, providing a blissful and calming experience for consumers.

Brand: District Cannabis
Orders: 104
Units Sold: 104

Description: Gelato Cake from District Cannabis offers a delightful hybrid experience, combining the best of both worlds with its flavor and effects.

Exploring Maryland’s cannabis market, the realm of edibles emerges as a particularly enticing domain. These delectable offerings have become integral to the state’s cannabis experience, providing consumers with a diverse and enjoyable way to indulge in the plant’s benefits. From tantalizing gummies to artisanal chocolates, Maryland’s edibles market showcases innovation and quality.

Brand: Hi Color
Orders: 56
Units Sold: 56

Description: Infused with the luscious flavor of cherry, these Hi Color gummies provide a delightful way to experience the benefits of cannabis in a discreet and tasty form.

Brand: Beboe
Orders: 30
Units Sold: 30

Description: Beboe’s Blood Orange Gummies offer a sophisticated and tangy experience, combining the refreshing taste of blood orange with the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

Brand: Incredibles
Orders: 37
Units Sold: 37

Description: Snoozeberry Gummies by Incredibles provide a unique ratio of cannabinoids, offering a relaxing and sleep-inducing option for cannabis consumers.

Brand: Incredibles
Orders: 36
Units Sold: 36

Description: Watermelon Smash Gummies from Incredibles deliver a burst of fruity goodness along with a carefully dosed THC content, creating a delightful edible experience.

Brand: Happy Eddie Mellow Eddie
Orders: 18
Units Sold: 18

Description: Mellow Eddie presents a playful and mood-enhancing experience in the form of a hybrid-infused treat, adding a touch of mischief to the edible selection.

Embarking on the exploration of Maryland’s cannabis landscape, one cannot overlook the realm of vape cartridges—an increasingly popular and convenient avenue for cannabis consumption. Maryland’s vape cart market is marked by innovation, providing consumers with a discreet and efficient way to experience the diverse strains of the plant.

Brand: &Shine
Orders: 50
Units Sold: 50

Description: &Shine’s Agent Orange Cart in the sativa category offers a zesty and uplifting vaping experience, perfect for those who appreciate citrusy notes and an energetic high.

Brand: Rythm
Orders: 48
Units Sold: 48

Description: The Golden Goat Cart by Rythm brings the best into the vaping world, delivering a sativa-driven, refreshing experience.

Brand: &Shine
Orders: 50
Units Sold: 50

Description: Strawberry Cough Cart from &Shine continues to be a crowd-pleaser, offering a sweet and uplifting sativa experience in a convenient vape format.

Brand: Rythm
Orders: 42
Units Sold: 42

Description: Cookie Face is an Indica dominant cart that embodies the essence of its name, you may want to stuff your face with cookies after.

Brand: Select
Orders: 38
Units Sold: 38

Description: Acapulco Gold is a classic strain in a modern package.

Green Week in Maryland not only showcases the diversity of cannabis products but also highlights the evolving preferences of consumers. As the industry continues to mature, innovation, quality, and sustainability will likely play key roles in shaping the market.

Percentage of Total Sales: 10.37%

Description: Sunmed is a prominent cannabis brand known for its diverse product range. With a focus on quality and innovation, Sunmed offers a variety of strains and products to cater to the preferences of Maryland’s cannabis enthusiasts.

Percentage of Total Sales: 7.72 %

Description: Fade Co. has earned recognition for its commitment to producing premium cannabis products. The brand is characterized by its attention to detail in cultivation and extraction, delivering a selection of high-quality items that resonate with consumers.

Percentage of Total Sales: 7.32%

Description: Rythm is a well-regarded brand in Maryland, appreciated for its precision in crafting cannabis experiences. With a diverse lineup of strains and products, Rythm has carved a niche for itself, offering a range that appeals to both seasoned and new cannabis users.

Percentage of Total Sales: 6.65%

Description: District Cannabis is synonymous with quality and reliability in Maryland’s cannabis market. With a focus on sustainable practices and consistent products, District Cannabis has become a go-to choice for those seeking a trustworthy cannabis experience.

Percentage of Total Sales: 6.15%

Description: Good Green is known for its commitment to providing a positive and sustainable cannabis experience. With a focus on environmentally friendly practices, Good Green delivers a variety of products that combine quality with a conscious approach to cultivation.

Green Week in Maryland saw strong performances across various product categories, with flower, vape, and edibles leading the way. The event highlighted the importance of diverse product offerings in meeting consumer preferences and underscored the dynamic nature of the cannabis market. If you’re looking to try some of the best products in MD, take a trip to Bloom in Germantown!