Ohio Cannabis Legalization: New Year, New 2024 Cannabis Laws

Ohio’s journey into the world of recreational cannabis is a significant turn of events, marking a new chapter in the state’s legal landscape. Following the approval of Issue 2 by voters, a series of legislative proposals and revisions have emerged, reflecting the state’s efforts to navigate the complexities of this new legal territory.

Based on official election results, adults can legally possess and grow marijuana, but you can not purchase it just yet.
– source: ohio.gov

the sale of marijuana by state-licensed dispensaries is awaiting the distribution of licenses, which may not come until later 2024

This overview captures the essence of the recent changes and proposals, shedding light on the key elements of Ohio’s evolving cannabis laws, including taxation, regulation, and the implementation of sales. Understanding these changes is crucial for residents, businesses, and law enforcement as Ohio steps into a future where recreational cannabis is a legal reality.

  • Maintains the home cultivation option, allowing up to six plants per adult and 12 plants per household.
  • Prohibits sharing marijuana, including home-grown cannabis, between adults.
  • Imposes a new 10% tax on cultivators’ gross receipts, in addition to the original 10% excise tax on sales.
  • Redirects tax revenue from social equity programs to counties for funding equity grants and a job placement program.
  • Includes restrictions on public smoking and advertising, similar to tobacco and alcohol products.
  • Limits homegrown marijuana to six plants per household, down from the 12 allowed by Issue 2.
  • Legalizes possession of marijuana only from retailers or home-cultivated products.
  • Permits existing medical cannabis dispensaries to serve adult-use consumers within 90 days of enactment.
  • Prohibits sharing marijuana between adults.
  • Introduces a reimbursement process for expungements of certain cannabis convictions.
  • Eliminates the social equity revenue fund and redirects significant portions of revenue toward law enforcement training.
  • Increases the marijuana excise tax to 15% and allows local governments to add up to a 3% tax.
  • Allocates funds from marijuana tax revenue to various programs including law enforcement training, substance misuse treatment, and more.
  • Sets THC content limits for extracts and imposes new rules on transporting and storing cannabis.
  • Despite these legislative changes, there is currently no legal avenue for purchasing recreational marijuana in Ohio at this moment.
  • The Ohio Department of Commerce has the authority to issue licenses, but sales might not start until well into the year.
  • Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has shown support for these changes, emphasizing the need to balance the practical challenges of implementing the program while respecting the will of the voters.
  • The Ohio House and Senate have yet to reconvene and agree on the final legislation, which could further delay the implementation of these laws.

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