Recipe: CannaButter (Bloom Style)

How to Make Weed Butter

Cannabis Butter (affectionately referred to as Cannabutter) is a great way to make edibles of your own at home! It’s THE key ingredient in edible staples like magic brownies, cannabis cookies, and versatile enough to let you add a THC kick to foods you incorporate it with. Foods like cake, french toast, and even a fine Wagyu steak can be enhanced with cannabutter – the only limit is your cooking imagination (and maybe a couple supplies).

Tools and Materials
  • Cannabis grinder
  • Oven (to decarb your cannabis)
  • Baking tray
  • Parchment paper
  • Saucepan, sauce pot, or slow cooker
  • Strainer (mesh or cheesecloth)
  • Container to store your cannabutter
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup unsalted butter (About 2 sticks)
  • 1 cup ground, decarboxylated cannabis (7 grams or a ¼ Oz)

Decarboxylate Your Bud

For an in-depth guide on how to decarboxylate your cannabis, check out our decarboxylation guide for run down!

Chop Up Your Flower (Grind or Break Apart)

Grab your favorite grinder and break down that cannabis! We recommend a coarser grind for your bud, anything that’s finely ground (like kief) can make its way into the finished product since it would be too small to get caught by a cheesecloth or strainer.

Heat Your Butter Up 

Melt 1 cup of butter on low-heat (we recommend a saucepan, pot, or other similar cooking tool.) Next, add 1 cup of water. This helps maintain your butter’s temperature and prevent it from burning.

Add Your Ground Flower

Once your butter is melted, add your decarboxylated cannabis. Simmer on low heat for 2-3 hours. Between 160-200ºF is recommended, anything over 200ºF may burn your cannabinoids. It’s important that your mix doesn’t come to a full boil, so make sure to stir occasionally! 

Strain Your Mixture

Place your strainer (cheesecloth or mesh) over a container and pour your mixture through it, and toss the leftover cannabis. Tip: To reduce a plant-like taste in your butter, don’t squeeze every last bit of cannabis — this will increase the amount of chlorophyll in your cannabutter which can cause a plant-like taste.

Let it Chill

Put your container in the fridge and let it solidify before using. We recommend giving it the night and checking in on it to see if excess water is forming. If that happens, you can just remove the butter with a utensil and drain any excess water.

Power to the Bakers

And there you go! Now you’ve got yourself a recipe to start making some of the tastiest THC edibles around! Edibles are a great way to receive the benefits of THC without having to combust and inhale plant smoke. If you’re a medical marijuana patient and living in Maryland, Missouri, or Ohio – visit one of our many stores for great deals on flower you can use in your CannaButter!